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  • Pebble Beach Through A First-Timer’s Eyes

    By Louis Yio Monterey Car Week – what can be said about it that most of you don’t already know? This week-long festival takes place in the greater Monterey area and hosts races, auctions and car shows, making it arguably the world’s biggest automotive gathering. One major component of Car Week is the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, which has been around since 1950 and […] The post Pebble Beach Through A First-Timer’s Eyes appeared first on Speedhunters. Continue Reading… Source:: SpeedHunters…
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  • Tent Shows, and Galleries, and Race Cars...Oh my!

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    By John Straub It’s certainly been a busy time. First doing ArtWalk at Liberty Station, unpacking general interest photographs that night as the show ended, then repacking my automotive photographs the same night for a trip up north the next day to show in a Carmel gallery during Monterey Car Week. Wow…I need a breather! Really, what I want to say, is a big “Thank You” to all of you that came to ArtWalk, and the gallery in Carmel to say hi. And an even bigger thanks to those of you that added to your fine art collection by leaving with one of my Continue Reading… Source:: Along For The Ride…
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  • Vegas To Monterey In A BMW 2002 Off-Roader

    By Mike Garrett In honor of its 100th anniversary, BMW was the featured marque at this year’s Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion, and over the weekend Laguna Seca was packed with hundreds of 2002s, CSLs, M3s and other street and race cars representing the brand’s entire history. BMW itself brought over dozens of significant vehicles to mark the occasion, […] The post Vegas To Monterey In A BMW 2002 Off-Roader appeared first on Speedhunters. Continue Reading… Source:: SpeedHunters…
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  • A Brick That’s Built For The Track

    By Dino Dalle Carbonare But before we dive into my Canepa Cars & Coffee coverage, and before I pass out due to an extreme case of jetlag, I wanted to quickly share with you a spotlight of a cool and unique car I came across. Unless you live in Scandinavia, a Volvo 242 coupe is probably the last car you’d […] The post A Brick That’s Built For The Track appeared first on Speedhunters. Continue Reading… Source:: SpeedHunters…
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  • A Peek Inside The Evil Empire

    By Brad Lord Think Russian drifting, and there’s a good chance the Evil Empire will be one of the thoughts that comes to mind – and it’s easy to understand why. At its 2007 formation in Saint Petersburg, the Evil Empire was simply a youth movement with an interest in skateboarding and other extreme sports, but a couple of years […] The post A Peek Inside The Evil Empire appeared first on Speedhunters. Continue Reading… Source:: SpeedHunters…
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  • “Turbomeister” – The BMW 2002 Hommage Concept

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    By Mike Burroughs With each passing year, as of late, BMW brings forth a new “Hommage” design study, which blends the future of BMW’s styling with its rich, well-defined past. Incredible examples, such as the 328 Hommage, the M1 Hommage, and of course, last year’s CSL Hommage, help to define where BMW is heading in the future, while recognizing and paying due tribute to the cars that established the brand. Earlier this year, we were graced with the 2002 Hommage, a concept that praises the iconic 2002 on its 50th anniversary. Over the weekend, the 2002 Hommage was re-released, this time in a Continue Reading… Source:: Stance Works…
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  • 10th Anniversary Trans Am

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    By juice Words & photos – Daniel Bevis This is no ordinary Pontiac Firebird Trans Am… this is a 10th Anniversary Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.Of course, it’s a bit of a misnomer to describe any Screaming Chicken as ‘ordinary’, they’re all pretty special – but this edition is more special than most. 7,500 Anniversary cars were built in 1979 as a celebration of a decade of the model, but the example you see here is one of just 1,817 special versions of the special edition, if that makes sense; a small quantity of custom-build 400ci (6.6-litre) engines were held over from 1978 in Continue Reading… Source:: Suck Squeeze Bang Blow…